Zato's stage

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Zato's stage is an unnamed location in the Guilty Gear series, and the setting in which battles against Zato-ONE take place in the original Guilty Gear.


The stage is a circular arena, seemingly highly elevated, with a tall bridge and fortress walls in the background. The bridge has a demonic horned skull adorning it, while the wall features a sculpture of what appears to be a cloaked woman held in chains. The sky behihd it features a tall, thin mountain behind a glowing moon, with circular black clouds surrounding it.

At the central battle arena, the floor features an engraved skull with wings, and two undeciphrable red symbols. Behind it, more red symbols addorn small walls, where hunched statues and smirking skeletons lie. At the center, three hooded figures float above a red and gold pentagram, glowing from a hole in the ground.


  • Seemingly never reappering in the series, it features small shared elements with Zato's following stages, Nirvana and Hell.
  • The stage appears to be a reference to Testament's 1990 album "Souls of Black", which Zato's theme is likely named after.