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This is a page for hosting tutorials on helping edit the wiki itself. If you need help figuring something out, or think something should be on this page, feel free to add it yourself or ask an Admin to do so for you!

Adding Media

The wiki is almost always in need of new/higher quality/or just generally more helpful media files. Adding to character's gallery pages or finishing pages in the articles in need of pictures category is always a huge help.

Uploading Media

To upload a media file to the site, all you need to do is navigate to the upload page. The process for uploading is documented on the page itself, but here's the explanation for each segment;

Source file

The simplest part, just pick your file. Be sure its under 10 MB. Feel free to compress or reduce the size of a file, the wiki is not meant to be an archive of the highest quality scan of every image, especially if it is a fan scan. Please make sure the image follows regular guidelines, is relevant, and isn't a copyright infringement.
The site will sometimes struggle if you are bulk uploading files. If an error occurs with the upload feel free to reach out to a moderator or simply wait a bit and try again.

File description

Next is where most of the business happens. Here you will rename the file to something appropriate, add in organizational and accessibility text, and deal with licensing.
First is file name, please be sure if you're uploading many images related to one thing (I.E. multiple victory animations or official renders from the same game) you name them in a similar manner (I.E. (Game)_Victory_(Character).gif or (Game)_Portrait_(Character).png) for simplicity sake.
Next is summary, here you can add transcriptions of text in an image, explanations of what an image is, alt text, or anything else you may need text for. This will show up when an image is clicked. In summary, you will also add the Category tag that fits for the image. (NOTE: Image Categories are still a W.I.P. portion of the site, just for now feel free to leave them off when uploading media, as we will need to manually fix them all once they're added anyways. Thank you for understanding!)
Finally is Licensing. This is required. If your image is found to not contain the proper licensing information it will be removed. Just select the correct option in the list. Generic Fair Use, Game/Video Screenshots, and Audio Samples all are for things from Arc System Works' properties. Use the Other category of selections for anything not under that umbrella. If you have any questions about an image's licensing or if it should be on the wiki at all or in what quality, feel free to ask a moderator.

Upload options

And finally you're done! Your file is ready to be released onto the wiki. The check marks here are simply to Watch a page or Ignore any warnings the site may throw at you (this one is not recommended unless you know what you're doing).

Adding Media to Pages

Adding uploading media to a page is even simpler than uploading, as there's very little you need to do beyond knowing what the media is named and knowing where to put it.

Adding to a Gallery page

All you need to do to add images to a gallery page is to find where you want the image to go and put in the file name of the image. You can just put in Filename.Filetype|(The Text to be displayed under the image) in the correct category and you're done.

Adding to an Article

To add an image as an embed into an article as seen on Sol Badguy's page, you will need to add the following in line with the text.
[[File:(Filename.Filetype)|thumb|(LEFT OR RIGHT)|175px|(Text to be displayed below.]]


Upload a file and can't remember what its called? Check the unused files on the wiki.
Feel free to reach out to any Admins with questions on uploads!

Citations, References, and Notes

This wiki has a set standard for in text references and citation of sources, but the editor can make it a complicated process, here's a simplified run down of all the info you need. If you need any help, @Tillman in the discord, I'm always willing to open a page and dig into the guts to figure out whats up. I'm not a professional by any means, so it may have some unintended jank.

Getting Started

First things first, for any page you need to add a place for the references to go. This is the simplest thing to do, below the main information, but just above the navboxes at the bottom, add this code:

== References ==
<references />

If the References section is already made, or the page is using the old fandom template of {reflist|2}, just put the new reference end code where the old one was and you'll be set up correctly. This is what adds the footnotes at the bottom of the page lined up in nice rows and acts as an anchor for the citations.

Adding a Citation

To add a citation next to any piece of text, like this,[1] you just have to use the "ref" tag. This is what holds the information that displays upon hover or down below in the References section of a page.

<ref> </ref>

Citing Wiki Pages

To cite a page on the wiki itself, all you need to do is paste this inside of the ref tag.


ICite is a template that does the hard work for you, all you need to do is insert the custom information, for example,

<ref>{{ICite| Sol Badguy|Sol badguy|Sol Badguy}}</ref>

Will make this citation[2] show up next to your text. The first section behind ICite| will be the page name itself. This is what plugs into the formula to create a link.

The second section is an optional section that changes the name of this link, if you just want the link to show up as the page name itself, feel free to skip it, you can simply leave it like this in the code:

<ref>{{ICite| Sol Badguy||Sol Badguy}}</ref>

The third section is also optional, and contains the space for quotes, page numbers, or any other expansion you may have to the citation. You are free to leave this blank as well, the code will work just fine if you simply have a citation that looks like this:

<ref>{{ICite| Sol Badguy}}</ref>

If you want to link to the exact same citation multiple times in an article, say you're referencing the page on Sol Badguy, all you need to do is Name the first instance of that citation in the code. This is simply done by adding name="NAME" to the ref tag itself, it'll look something like this:

<ref name="Sol Badguy">{{ICite| Sol Badguy}}</ref>

Once thats in, all you need to do is insert this, and it'll automatically link back to that first citation down in the bottom footnotes!

<ref name="Sol Badguy" />

Thats the quick and dirty of it! Luckily, citing off wiki sources is just as easy.

Citing Off Wiki Sources

Luckily, citing off wiki links in citations is easy. Just put in the link as you would on a page!


Misc. Tips

Need to add a source but don't have it on hand? Find a claim that needs a citation? Just add this next to it and it'll add the page to the Articles in need of citation link.



As well as citations there is an ability to add a note to a claim displayed as a footnote. This is the same premise, add this just above the list of References:


And then add this next to any claim that needs expansion:

{{note|(NOTE TEXT)}}
Full example:
{{note|Endings and [[May]]'s backstory involve [[Johnny]]'s birthday, which falls on October 24.}}


  1. Example Citation
  2. Sol badguy Sol Badguy