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The following is a timeline of events in the history of the Guilty Gear series.


  • 4 Billion~ BC
    • Life first appears on Earth.[1]

Old World

  • 11??
    • A soldier of the Holy Roman Empire is sent to war in a foreign land. After a while he & his fellow men are running out of supplies and they stop at a small abandoned town. However it was an ambush set-up by the enemy. The only survivor attempted to escape only to be shot off a horse by arrows and struck down by a blade. Mysteriously, the man did not die, he had gained immortality.[7]
  • 1945
    • October[12]
      • As World War II comes to a close, the major powers of the world unite to form the United Nations.[13]
  • 1956
    • A train station in a snowy village opens up under the name "Aurora Station."[14]
  • Late 20th Century
  • 1981
    • The clothing brand "Lilech Atelier" is founded.[17]
  • 1986
    • April
      • Tirana Fact, the company that would later go on to create the Magnolia Éclair in the 22nd century, is founded.[18]
  • 1999
    • The Original foretells a calamity that will shake the very foundations of human society, and the world's superpowers declare a state of emergency.[13]

Age of Magic

  • 1999
    • The Dawn of Revival occurs. The UN decides to completely ban all electronic devices, effective immediately.[13]
    • The Apostles appear and teach humanity Magic to prevent the decline of human society. Soon, a cult springs up around them.[13][21]
    • During the first year of Magic's discovery, China showed signs of withdrawing from the United Nations, but could not ignore the importance of the new form of energy, zeal, and subsequently remained in the Union through talks with the Vatican.[22]
  • Early 21st Century
    • Humanity builds their final rocket engine, the PH J-59. It is considered illegal technology as of 2187.[23]
  • 21st century
    • Political unrest leads to an economic collapse in Japan.[24]
    • After the discovery of magic made Russia lose its edge in international affairs, in order to preserve its position of power, though with much tension from its neighbors, Russia decides to participate in the EU (and subsequently the Illyrian Kingdom).[22]
  • 2008
    • The Apostles evolve into the Sanctus Populi.[13]
    • Researchers discover a system that can allow magic to be easily used by anyone, regardless of skill.[13]
  • 2009
    • India withdraws from the UN, dissatisfied with its decision to ban all electronics. The country fractures in two factions, an anti-UN one & a pro-UN one.[13]
  • 2010
    • An international standard is set for the use and application of magic, and major powers construct infrastructure around it. Citizens begin to receive standardized rations of magical energy.[13]
    • Non-magical technology and weapons research is halted and dismantled.[13]
  • 2011
    • An Indian multi-billionaire secretly begins development of the Ultra-Dreadnought class ship.[13]
  • 2015
    • Aria's TP infection begins to worsen.
    • That Man, Frederick and Aria managed to stabilize magic infused gear cells.[26]
  • 2016
    • September 10th
      • Aria tells Sol that she's sick, and Aria makes Sol promise that he won't be alone.[27]
    • The team is renamed the Gear Project. Several countries invest massive amounts of money in it.[13]
    • That Man converts Frederick into the first Gear prototype, the "Flame of Corruption". Just as the process is completed, an accident occurs at the laboratory. That Man and Aria go missing. With its core team gone, the project grinds to a halt (Guilty Gear Begin).[13]
    • Frederick develops the Gear Cell Suppressor.[13]
  • 2026
    • The Ultra-Dreadnought ship is completed and with the name Zepp declares its independence.[13]
  • 2042
    • The USA, with its military and political influence in decline, reopens the Gear Project with an eye for military use.[13]
  • 2045
    • The USA first Gear prototype is completed, but is shown to be highly flawed. That Man joins the project under an alias.[13]
  • 2065
    • The first combat-ready Gear is completed. The USA starts deploying their Gears as security forces around the world.[13]
    • Frederick begins his war against the project and attacks Gear production facilities. Authorities identify him as "Badguy".[13]
  • 2073
    • Zepp becomes a military state.[13]
    • That Man creates the first "complete" Gear, Justice, to end the involvement of Gears in wars.[13]
    • Frederick learns of That Man's plans and develops the anti-gear superweapn Outrage, however its power is proven to be too great even for him and the weapon is split into 8 parts.[13]


  • 2093
    • HOHENHEIM was founded.
    • November 10th
      • HOHENHEIM's original garment No: 10002 is patented[28]
  • 2103[note 2]
    • Sol saves 6-year-old Kliff from a Gear attack.[13]
  • 2115
    • Soon after joining, Kliff is made commander of the Holy Order.[13]
  • 2127
    • Testament, Kliff's child, joins the Holy Order, despite their father's wishes.[13]
  • 2128
    • Testament meets with an untimely end while carrying out a mission on behalf of the Order. They are converted into a Gear by an organization.[13]
  • c. 2140
    • Testament, under Justice's control, meets Kliff in the battlefield as an enemy. Their father is forced to kill them, but Testament manages to survive (though they do not meet again for the remainder of the war).[29]
  • 2160
    • A small outbreak of TP Infection occurs, but since the cure had been developed, the impact was minimal.[35]
  • 2167
    • Ky joins the Holy Order.[13]
  • 2168
    • Swift expansion and deviation of the Assassin's Guild. Embarrassed and disappointed, Slayer resigns as Guild leader. The guild quickly decays into a band of ruthless killers.[13]
  • 2173
    • The Battle of Rome takes place.
      • In the Guilty Gear XX Drama CD Red/Black alternate timeline, I-No is present, Ky Kiske is killed by Gears, and Sol Badguy becomes the Order's commander.
        • 21??*
        • 2183*
          • Sol leads an all-out attack on Dizzy, Potemkin is killed by Testament, and humankind is to be destroyed. I-No meets That Man for the first time, and uses her powers to jump back to 2173. She saves Ky's life, changing the timeline for good.
    • Sol is defeated in one-on-one duel by Justice. He leaves the Holy Order, taking the Fireseal with him, defeating Ky who tried to stop him.[13]
    • Zato-1 casts a forbidden spell and begins to rise in rank within the Assassin's Guild.[13]
    • Millia Rage and Venom are taken in by the Guild.[13]
    • 16-year-old Ky succeeds Kliff as the Order's commander and is given the Thunderseal. Kliff becomes an instructor.[13]
  • 2174
    • Chipp Zanuff is saved by Tsuyoshi and becomes his apprentice.[13]
    • May is taken in by Johnny on a cold rainy day in May.[13]


  • After the Crusades
    • Guinness World Records resumes publication after ceasing publication during the Crusades.[39]
  • 2176
    • Tsuyoshi is killed by the Assassin's Guild, and Chipp vows revenge.[13]
    • The celebration of humanity's victory over Justice starts to be held annually.
    • For unknown reasons Justice's seal weakens. Her possible revival causes great fear for those aware.[13]
  • 2178
    • After numerous jumps through time, Axl appears in this timeline.[13]
    • A high-risk mission goes bad after Millia Rage's defection, and Zato is captured by the authorities.[13]
  • 2180
    • Johnny is incarcerated.
    • With the possibility of Justice's resurrection, the UN announces the selection tournament for a Second Sacred Order of Holy Knights.[13]
    • Zato-1 and Dr. Baldhead agree to participate and are released by Testament.[13]
    • The Selection Tournament takes place (Guilty Gear). Justice is revived per Testament's plan, but is "incomplete" possibly due to a hard pressed Testament being forced to attempt to sacrifice themself to finish the process. Kliff ends up helping in the fight with Justice, but ultimately dies by the hands of their own child Testament. Zato is completely consumed by Eddie. Sol Badguy—the tournament's winner—completely destroys Justice.[13]
    • Gabriel spearheads a coup d'état on Zepp. He re-founds the country on democratic principles and is named its first president. Slavery is abolished: Potemkin is freed and formally welcomed into military service.[13]
    • Crow of the Post-War Administration Bureau begins development on the Robo-Ky series. [13]
    • Dr. Paradigm successfully accesses and observes the Backyard.[13]
  • 2181
    • The Blackard Corporation incident (Guilty Gear X Lightning the Argent) occurs.
    • The Golden Disk incident takes place (Guilty Gear X Drama CD Vol.1).
    • Now free from Justice's control, Testament meets Dizzy in the Devil's Forest. When villagers learn of Dizzy, she is attacked and Testament swears to protect her (Guilty Gear X Drama CD Vol.2).
    • A bounty of W$500,000 is placed on Dizzy, and bounty hunters from around the globe congregate in her forest around October (endings involve Johnny's birthday). Sol defeats Dizzy, but leaves before landing the fatal blow. The official record indicates that Jam Kuradoberi killed Dizzy (Guilty Gear X). Dizzy is taken in by Johnny, and Testament remains to protect the Grove.[13]
    • Zato-1 dies, but his dead body is possessed by Eddie.
    • Dr. Paradigm, in the process of investigating the Backyard, discovers the Cube.[13]
    • Jam Kuradoberi, using the bounty she received for her "defeat" of Dizzy, opens her own restaurant.[13]
    • Sometime after Dizzy's defeat, I-No begins stirring up trouble (Guilty Gear XX). Eddie—controlling Zato's dead body—dies, and their collective remains are acquired by the Conclave. With his death, the Assassin's Guild appoints Venom their new leader. Due to Robo-Ky, Jam's restaurant catches fire and burns to the ground.[13]
    • The first issue of Dynamic Housewives, a monthly magazine, goes on sale.[13]
  • 2183
    • The United Kingdoms of Illyria is officially recognized by the UN. After the second and third kingdoms are established, Ky Kiske is elected First King through a popular vote.[13]
    • Sin Kiske (less then 1)[note 6] is given to the care of Sol Badguy due to the increased risk presented by the Conlave knowing about Dizzy being Ky's wife.[13] [7]
  • 2184
    • Chipp travels to a lawless part of the word and declares it the Eastern Chipp Kingdom. He takes Answer as his right-hand man, and appoints himself as president of the Kingdom.[13]
  • 2185
    • Dormant Gears begin to disappear, marking the beginning of the Baptisma 13 incident.[13]
    • The Eastern Chipp Kingdom holds their first annual Haiku Contest, even at the caution of all of Chipp's advisors.[13]


  • In the aftermath, the UN holds an emergency session, wherein Ky proposes human coexistence with Gears. The proposal is defeated and never mentioned to the public. (The Unseen Sign)[13]
  • January: Sol Badguy upgrades the Fireseal to the Junkyard Dog MK.II.
  • The game SHOGUN becomes really popular.[41]
  • Sol starts reassembling the Outrage to prepare for a second coming of Valentine. He raids Harden Fort to take the Flashing Fang and defeats Baldias(Guilty Gear Vastedge XT).[13]
  • Under the guidance of the Sanctus Populi, the Opus are deployed across the world for protection against further Valentine attacks.[13]

Events of Xrd start


  • September 3rd:
    • 15:36
      • At the Assassin's Hideout, Venom receives a phone call claiming that the Assassin's Guild's late leader, Zato, has been brought back from the dead.[42]
  • September 29th:
    • 14:35
      • At the Assassin's Hideout, Millia and Venom meet to discuss the possible return of the Assassin's Guild.[43]
  • September 30th:


  • October 1st:
    • The Conclave meet in The Tearoom to discuss various aspects of their plan.[42][43][45]
  • October 3rd:
  • October 4th:
    • 12:44
      • Romeo F. Neumann kills someone who worked for Slayer in his dream world, and their body collapses the middle of Down Town Illyria.[47]
  • October 5th:
    • 20:40
      • Faust meets Slayer at Villa Vampir, Slayer tells him that his surgery that killed a little girl was sabotaged by the Conclave.[46]
  • October 6th:
    • 21:35
      • Slayer receives a letter stating that Zato has been resurrected.[45]
  • October 14th, 2187:
    • 10:01
      • Zato leaves the Dimensional Prison after feeling that Millia is close by.[44]
    • 11:27
    • 12:03
    • 14:15
      • Slayer meets Venom at the Opera House to ask where Zato is.[45]
    • 14:32
      • Slayer and Zato meet.[45]
    • 15:21
      • Zato and Faust meet at the Opera House, and Zato confesses to being the one who sabotaged Faust's surgery.[46]
  • October 17th:
    • 10:01
      • In Cappadoica, I-No sits down lamenting that no matter how many timelines she kills Ramlethal in, history never changes.[48]
  • October 19th:
    • The Conclave meet again to discuss various aspects of their plan.[47][48]
  • October 21st:
    • The Conclave invite Ramlethal into The Tearoom to discuss if both parties are ready to activate the Cradle.[25]
    • 12:12
      • In Japan, Ramlethal Valentine declares war on humanity.[49]
    • 13:05
      • Aboard the MAY SHIP II, May decides to go fight Ramlethal Valentine.[50]
    • 13:10
      • Chipp Zanuff meets with Answer in the Eastern Chipp Kingdom before heading off.[51]
    • 20:32
      • Aboard the Royal Fleet One, Ky Kiske contemplates what to do about Ramlethal. He prepares W$300,000 as payment for Sol Badguy.[52]
  • October 22nd:
    • The Conclave once again meet in The Tearoom to discuss various aspects of their plan.[53][46]
    • 12:47
      • At the Boston Seabed, Sol is with Sin when he receives a phone call from Ky. Sol asks for W$1,000,000 in cash to stop Ramlethal.[53]
    • 14:21
      • Aboard a Zepp Warship, Potemkin gives a report to Gabriel about Ramlethal.[54]
  • October 24th
    • In a small Illyria village in Eastern Europe, Johnny meets with Faust and askes him to treat May's illness.[27]
  • October 25th:
    • The Conclave meet in the Tearoom to discuss various aspects of their plan.[53][52][50][54][51][20]
    • 6:06
    • 10:42
      • In Neo Newyork, Chipp Zanuff meets with Ky Kiske and discuss how they will handle Ramlethal. Chipp starts running to Japan.[51]
    • 18:06
      • Axl meets with Bedman in his dream. Bedman attempts to kill Axl, but he is caught by I-No and transported to October 28th, 2192.[20]
  • October 26th:
    • 9:17:
      • Chipp passes by May, who tells her that it is way too dangerous for her to go fight Ramlethal.[50][51]
    • 11:17
      • Ky meets Sol Badguy and Sin Kiske in Neo Newyork. They start to make their way to Japan to stop Ramlethal.[53][52]
    • 18:06
      • Bedman brings Sol Badguy into his Nightmare Theater to keep him from reaching Ramlethal. At the same time, he brings Ramlethal into his dream world to discuss her role in the world.[47]
  • October 28th:
    • Bedman in his dream world talks about Sol Badguy, and speaks to a mysterious figure as they wait for the Conclave to act.[25]
    • 11:01
      • I-No arrives in Japan to kill Ramlethal, claiming she has been there many times before in alternate timelines. However, this time something's changed, and she is unable to kill her.[48]
    • 13:55
      • Chipp Zanuff (and May) arrive in Japan, and meets and battles Ramlethal, but are unable to stop the Cradle.[51][note 9] May learns that she is Japanese.[50]
    • 14:03
      • Potemkin awakens from his encounter with Bedman in Japan, he was inside Bedman's dream for three days. He meets and battles with Ramlethal.[54]
    • 14:12
      • Zato arrives too late in Japan to stop the Cradle incident, and meets Ramlethal Valentine.[44]
    • 14:35
      • Ky, Sol and Sin arrive in Japan. Ky realizes that the real threat is in Babylon, but are powerless to stop the Cradle Incident.[52] Ramlethal flies directly at Sol, grabbing his neck, and attempts to self destruct.[53][note 10]
    • As the Cradle is activating over Babylon, Leo Whitefang is the Illyria Castle War Room with several operators trying to assess the damage. Ky calls Leo and asks for approval to release Elphelt Valentine. They release her from containment in the Royal Fleet One and she disables Ramlethal's powers.[25]
    • 15:15 (Local Illyria Time)[note 11]
      • News Stations interupt programming to annouce that Ramlethal Valentine has been captured.[56]
    • Ky speaks to Sol and Sin aboard the Royal Fleet One. Ky tells Sin about St. Elmo's Fire.[56]
    • Leo Whitefang and US President Vernon have a conversation about the Valentine Sisters.[56]
    • Venom, Millia and Slayer meet in an Illyrian Deserted Wasteland to talk about the Conclave, when they are ambushed by Bedman.[56]
    • 18:02
      • Ky listens to Leo's operator room recordings aboard the Royal Fleet One, suspecting the culprit to be the Conclave.[57]
  • October 29th
    • Ky, Sol, Sin, Elphelt and Ramlethal all speak to each other aboard Royal Fleet One.[26][27]
    • Bedman speaks to Ariels again. Bedman momentarily speaks about Delilah and his motives[26]
    • The Conclave meet in the Tearoom to discuss the plan further.[27]
    • Johnny returns to the MAY SHIP II, only for April to inform Johnny that May has ran away.[58]
    • Chipp receives a phone call from Answer as he's searching for May in Western China.[27]
    • Chipp saves May from falling off a collapsing Bridge in Uighur mountains. May tells Chipp that she ran away because Ramlethal said she was a disease. Chipp consoles her, and returns her back to Johnny. Faust gives her medicine, but tells Johnny that he was unable to find the true cause of her illness. He tells Johhnny to not let May near the colony under any circumstance, before being interrupted by Bedman. Chipp, Zato and Slayer fight Bedman off while Johnny takes May and the recently knocked-out Faust back to the May Ship. Bedman leaves the fight after being informed by Ariels that someone in Illyria has figured out the truth of the Cradle.[58][59]
    • Axl, after being transported through time, finds himself in The Backyard with I-No, and delivers the coded message to That Man.[57]
    • 20:00~
      • The Cradle appears again north of the Black Sea, and Major Lyle and his forces engaged it, but were defeated.[26]
  • October 30th
    • Sin and Elphelt have a conversation in the Royal Fleet One's Guest Quarters.[57]


  • November 1st
    • The Royal Fleet One arrives at Zepp.[60]
    • Sin and Elphelt attempt to interrogate Ramlethal again. Sin gives Ramlethal her first burger.[60]
    • Ky and Sol are welcomed into President Gabriel's office, and are suprised to see Zato-1 who informs them on the Conclave's plan to revive Justice.[61]
    • Bedman breaks into Zepp to cause mayhem, but is stopped by Gabriel and his Agni X attack.[61]
    • Ky calls Leo and asks for him to release Dr. Paradigm.[62]
    • Bedman attempts to kill Ramlethal, but hesitates due to her newfound emotions. Bedman kills a dog to teach Ramlethal that every living thing is unique.[62]
    • Leo releases Dr. Paradigm from the sealed room in Illyria Castle. Dr. Paradigm explains to Leo and Vernon his plan to stop the Cradle.[55]
    • Leo reads The Memoirs of Eripmavs D Yraid.[63]
  • November 2nd
    • The Cradle attempts to reappear, and an assault by Zepp, Illyria, The Jellyfish Pirates, Faust and That Man all attempt to break its Absolute Defense: Felion but are unsuccessful.[64][65]
    • Bedman traps That Man in a magical prison.[65]
  • November 3rd
    • Dr. Paradigm comes up with a new plan to stop the Cradle from reviving Justice involving St. Elmo's Fire.[66]
  • November 4th[67][note 12]
    • Axus is killed by Ky Kiske.[68]
    • St. Elmo's Fire strikes.[68]
    • Libraria is presumably killed[68]
    • After all is said and done, the Conclave's plan to revive Justice is ultimately unsuccessful.[67][68]
    • Elphelt's programming is overwritten by the Universal Will, and she is taken to the Celestial Alter.[69]
    • Faust meets with Chronus to ask about the disease afflicting the Japanese, both realizing that there is a much higher power at play.[69]
    • Ariels places Elphelt in a nice dream to help her escape from the outside world.[70]
  • November 5th
    • Ky and Dizzy have a heart to heart.[71]
    • Ky Kiske investigates the truth behind the Conclave aboard the Royal Fleet One.[72]
    • Bedman can’t stand to see Elphelt’s dream any longer, and breaks the automated systems that Ariels put in place.[70]
  • November 6th
    • Elphelt fights Bedman to wake up from the dream. She remembers that she is the one who is going to be fused with Justice.[70]
    • Gabriel gives Potemkin a mission to infiltrate the Conclave’s old hideout, the Opera House. Gabriel also tells Potemkin he needs to regain his ambition. Potemkin later battles with own self-conscience over his defeat by Bedman. He comes to the conclusion he needs to trust himself more often.[73]
    • I-No releases Jack-O' Valentine from the Sanctuary, she immediately runs off.[74][75]
    • Chipp abandoned the Eastern Chipp Kingdom to investigate the Conclave, leaving a lot of work for Answer to pick up. Chipp calls Answer telling him to investigate the Universal Will.[76]
    • After taking various phone calls, Answer calls Hyori to get a passport to travel for a few days off, but ends up jumping over the border instead. [77]
    • Jam meets and talks about life with Jack-O’.[78][note 13]
  • November 7th
    • Axl thinks to himself about how he can return to his old timeline.[79]
    • Venom meets with Slayer to discuss the future of the Assassin’s Guild.[80] They both later also talk to Zato and Millia.[81]
    • Ky, Potemkin and Chipp infiltrate the Opera House, finding that Conclave knew the Opus units were Gears. Ky tells Potemkin that they need to be united as a force of hope.[73] Chipp tells Ky that he believes the Universal Will is human,[72] and he believes it to be the Sanctus Maximus.[76]
    • Slayer invites Zato to Villa Vampir. Slayer is planning to get revenge on Bedman.[82] Zato says he feels like he can use all 100% of his strength.[83]
  • November 8th
    • Venom meets with Millia, highly implying that he intends to sacrifice himself.[80]
  • November 9th
    • Leo Whitefang speaks to President Vernon about the Conclave, he mentions a strange report he’s received from an outpost in Finland.[84]
    • Raven asks for Sol to lend his strength to stopping the Universal Will.[85] Sol brings Sin along with him.[86] Ramlethal decides to come along too.[87]
    • Faust travels with Chronus. Discussing the possibility of the Universal Will being behind the Japanese illness.[88]
    • Baiken is tracked down by an operator and delivers her a phone call from Anji Mito, who urges her to return to the Japanese Colony.[89]
    • Venom meets with Slayer again. Venom tells Slayer his plan to come clean to the world about the Assassin’s Guild.[80]
  • November 10th
    • Millia and Slayer discuss what Millia really wants in life.[82]
  • November 11th
    • Zato tells Millia about how she is the only thing that gives him emotions, and that he doesn’t want to see her harmed.[83] Millia says that she needs to keep moving forward with her life.[81]
    • Johnny calls Kum Haehyun to tells him that they’ll meet up with Faust at the Colony.[90]
  • November 12th
    • Kum Haehyun treats a patient.[91]
    • Johnny calls Kum Haehyun, who agrees to use his tuning skills to help find a cure for May’s illness.[92][90]
    • Millia meets with Slayer again who asks to spar with her. Afterwards, Millia realizes that she feels a calling towards the Assassin’s Guild, and vows to be the new leader of it.[81]
  • November 13th
    • Elphelt wakes up from yet another one of Bedman’s dreams.[93]
  • November 14th
    • Zato speaks to Slayer again. Zato discusses how he’s discovering new things by living without emotions. Slayer says that Zato might be the key to brand new hope among those who cannot die.[83] Slayer feels a renewed with life.[82]
  • November 15th
    • I-No tracks down Jack-O to Heaven's Edge.[75]
    • Axl finds I-No and Jack-O’. Jack-O’ tells Axl about the truth of his powers, and that if he goes back to his old timeline, the one he’s currently in will cease to exist.[79]
    • Jack-O tells I-No that she’s a Magical Foci.[74]
  • November 16th
    • While Jack-O’ is talking to Raven, the Universal Will first hears the name “Happy Chaos” and loves it.[94]
    • Sol, Sin, Ramlethal, Raven and I-No meet to talk about how the Universal Will plans to fuse Elphelt with Justice.[85][86][87]
    • Faust and Chronus travel to the Japanese Colony, and cross paths with Leo Whitefang, who attempts to arrest both of them. However, they manage to outrun him. Faust calls Haehyun to discuss the Japanese illness.[88][84]
    • Bedman finds Jack-O’, and is blown away by her power. Bedman comes to the conclusion that she will be part of the plan to stop Justice from reviving. Jack-O’ sees that Bedman has completely erased his records from the backyard.[93]
    • Answer arrives in the Japanese Colony to investigate The Universal Will, but is interrupted by Baiken, who tells him to leave due to him being an outsider. After leaving, he finds a good spot to watch fireworks.[77]
    • I-No and Raven part ways.[94]
  • November 17th
    • Raven explains his immortality to Sin[86]
    • Ramlethal gets in a disagreement with Raven over how he views Jack-O’.[87]
    • Jack-O’ meets Sol Badguy. Telling him that she is half of Aria.[85][75]
  • November 18th
    • Johnny and May arrive in the Japanese Colony, but are met with Leo Whitefang who attempts to arrest them for being notorious criminals.[84] Leo is stopped by Kum Haehyun who, due to being good friends with Johnny, reveals to May that she is actually a woman.[92] They wait for Faust to make his way to the Colony.[90]
    • Haehyun calls Faust again to tell them that the Japanese population’s temperatures are rising quickly.[91]
  • November 19th[note 14]
    • Zappa and Faust give their theory that the Japanese illness, combined with the Information Flares will turn the Japanese into massive Gears who will violently explode.[97] Further testing by Zappa and Dr. Paradigm show that they only have 52 hours before the Information Flares engulf the entire world.[96]
    • Chronus breaks the Absolute Defense: Felion seal that Bedman placed on That Man.[98]
    • Illyria Castle's operation team tracks down the signal of Elphelt Valentine.[99]
    • Ariels, with the help of her Phalanx Nine, stage a trap that everyone believes that Ramlethal died in.[100].
    • That Man meets with the team at Illyria Castle.[100]
    • That Man and Jack-O' explains the Universal Will and the Backyard to the Illyria Team. They tell them that the Universal Will is the Sanctus Maximus Populi, Ariels.[101]
    • Axl finds his way into Bedman's dream to have a friendly conversation and ask for advice on what he should do with his time traveling power.[102]
    • Robo-Ky tells Venom about how he wants to get a tangerine field.[102].[note 15]
  • November 20th
    • Johnny meets with Vernon to ask for a few favors regarding legal immunity and Gullinkambi Dark[103]
    • Chipp sneaks into President Gabriel's office and tells him that he believes Ariels to be the Universal Will.[103]
    • Ariels holds her Celebration of Victory gathering, and reveals to the world that she is the Universal Will.[103]
    • Phalanx Nine and Gears start attacking Illyria and Miyabi.[103]
    • That night, Bedman is killed by the combination of Venom and Robo-Ky. Bedman wakes up to see Ariels standing over her, when she reveals that she was tricking Bedman into helping him destory humanity the whole time. Bedman almost kills her, but uses his last bit of power to wake up his sister Delilah and give his last orders to his bed frame. Delilah later stands over the remnants of her brother.[104]
  • November 21st
    • Using the Painkiller program, the Illyria team figures out the location of Ariels and Elphelt.[105]
    • Johnny, April, Sol, Sin, Ky and Jack-O' make their way to Ariels location aboard the Gullinkambi Dark, reaching their destination in only 40 minutes.[105]
    • Through the combined efforts of those aboard the Gullinkambi Dark, those in the Illyrian War Room, That Man, the now-recovered Ramlethal, Axl Low and Haehyun, Ariels is defeated and Jack-O's fusion with Aria/Justice is complete. Elphelt is rescued, the Information Flares disappear, and the Phalanx Nine drop their weapons.[106]
    • That Man drops his hood and reintroduces himself as Asuka R. Kreutz.[106]
    • Robo-Ky's head picks up and takes Venom's unconscious body away.[106]
  • Novemeber 29th
    • Asuka R. Kreutz meets with his friend Raven half a month before G4 Summit.[107]
  • November 30th[note 16]
    • Asuka surrends himself to the United States government.[107]

Events of Strive begin


  • December 12th
    • Ky, Leo and Daryl all investigate I-No's break in.[108]
    • The US sends a letter asking for Sol to be security at G4.[109]
    • Happy Chaos unearths Nagoriyuki, who's been underground for over half a century.[110]
    • Happy Chaos arrives in the United States.[111][note 18]
    • Sol arrives in the United States.[111]
  • December 13th[note 19]
    • The G4 Summit takes place[111]
    • Happy Chaos infiltrates the White House, mind controlling the guards and taking the representatives hostage.[111][113]
    • Happy Chaos has the hostages to destroy all of their nuclear weapons.[114][115]
    • Happy Chaos reveals the secret function of the White House to become a spaceship as part of Project Tír na nÓg.[111]
    • At the same time as this, Delilah, the sister of Bedman, almost destorys a city in Illyria, but manages to be subdued by May, April, Ramlethal, Sin, Faust and Baiken.[37][116]
    • Asuka removes Sol's Flame of Corruption.[117]
    • I-No fuses with the Tome of Origin, ascending to godhood, but manages to be defeated.[118][113]
  • Sometime after G4
    • Ky Kiske abdicates the throne, and mankind welcomes a Gear leader[note 20] for the first time in history.[37]


  • 2192
    • October 22nd
      • 17:23
        • The Original requests a time-displaced Axl to send a coded message to That Man regarding the Conclave's plan to revive Justice.[20]
    • October 26th
      • 18:20
        • I-No brings Sol into the future to battle in Babylon. She sends him back to the past after they battle.[48]
    • October 28th
      • 18:48
        • I-No pulls Axl into the future from October 25th, 2187. Axl tells I-No about the message he received from the Original. I-No sends him to October 29th, 2187 to speak with the Gear Maker.[20][55]


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  12. In game dialogue says that it is November 1st, but on-screen text say it is November 4th and the events in the story mean this cannot possibly be true.
  13. Jam’s arcade mode is the only one that does not list dates, but it has to happen sometime between Jack-O’s release from the Sanctuary and the 15th.
  14. Revelator’s Story Mode doesn’t contain any specific dates, but Leo was in the Japanese colony on the 18th and is back in Illyria Castle by Story Mode which would, assumedly, take at least one day. Note that the only timeframes we are given is that the Celebration of Victory is "quite close" to the American Thanksgiving holiday[95] which can fall anywhere from November 22nd-28th. The heroes are given 52 hours to stop this[96]. All future dates will be under the assumption of this November 19th date.
  15. This event appears to take place near sundown, the following scenes appear to take place during the day. There is also a earlier scene this Chapter of Sin looking at the stars. Thus the following scenes are labeled as November 20th.
  16. Asuka said in the previous scene (that takes place at night) that he has already informed the media of his plans, and that the government will probably soon act. The end of After Story A is a report saying that Asuka has surrended himself to the US in the morning.
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