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This is the talk page

You guys need to come up with a logo, soon.

To Do List

Just gonna list stuff that we need to do:

-re-organize the wiki

-add citations to EVERYTHING

-upload better images

-for now delete non-media merch as that is too big of an undertaking currently


Hey all, would anyone be interested in helping me write a page on the game's musical references? I have an extensively plagiarized Google Doc that I wanna put on a page here somewhere but I am foolish and barely know how wiki syntax works. (here's the link to the Google Doc I promise it's not a virus :3

Funny Button?

When you click the "Let's rock" on the home page it should play a random "Let's rock!" from one of the Guilty Gear games. Or do something else. It seems like it should do something when you click it.